Monday, January 07, 2008

Guess it's time to get a toilet lock

So during Tim's shower this morning, Stella thought it would be fun to put her legos into the toilet. Unfortunately, Tim did not discover this for a while as he takes looooong showers. Although he noticed she was quiet, which is always cause for alarm. So now we have to get a toilet lock. And she's also never messed with the knobs on the stove, but she just reached for one today. So we have to get oven knob locks. Yay. I guess you just start thinking that you don't have to worry about those sort of things after a while. Like, "if she hasn't messed with it yet, it's not going to happen." In fact, we haven't put cabinet locks on the kitchen cabinets in this house because she's old enough to know not to go into any, except the one that is hers. We don't put anything dangerous in them just to be sure, of course.

3 months away from 2 is a pretty cool age. She is chattering away constantly, and actually stringing together sentences. I can understand her most of the time when she's actually speaking English. She repeats most words you say and she'll tell you when she has a poop. Speaking of, she just said "poop". I'll be right back.

Isn't that cool? I think it's funny that she says poop, and it's very helpful if the smell doesn't knock me over for her to tell me that she needs her diaper changed. Last night it was really funny. We were watching Daniel so Sean and Anna could go out to eat dinner and Daniel was getting all whiny and so I was like, "do you need your diaper changed?" and he was like, "diaper!" and took off in the direction of Stella's room. Then Stella got all whiny, so I asked if she needed her diaper changed and she said yes. So Tim got Stella and got in the "queue" for the changing table behind Daniel and I. And both kids were poopy. What's up with that? Tim was making fun of me because I've never changed a boy's diaper and I was marvelling at how different their anatomy is. He was like, "um, shouldn't you know the differences between boys and girls before now?" I have had a child, so yes, the answer is obviously yes, but baby boys are just different. Anyway, it was an experience. I hope Anna and Sean do not now think that I am a freak and won't let me near their child with a ten-foot pole now. Really, I'm not a freak, I promise!

Tim's mom thinks Stella has all the signs in play for the big Potty Training. Eek! I don't know if I'm ready for that yet, although it would be nice to save $75 a month in diaper service costs. And it's not like I consider changing a diaper to be fun, especially when I'm somewhere like my Weight Watcher's meeting last Friday and there isn't a changing table. I was planning on waiting until she turned two, but I do take Tim's Mom's advice seriously, she had 4 children and to my knowledge none of them wear diapers anymore!

Speaking of Weight Watcher's, I reached Lifetime Friday! So exciting, I've lost 33 pounds, now I just have to keep it off. And I can attend meetings for free now.

Well, Stella is grabbing my hand so I guess I'm off to whatever she wants to show me. Aren't you glad I took the time to post about poopy diapers? yay!


Jooley Ann said...

Ha, you're not a freak, IMO! Baby boys look really different to me, too. I mean, more than the expected level of different. Okay...maybe we're both freaks. ;)

Kate said...

This post is Piglet Approved. :)

YAY, Weight Loss Queen! You're my hero!

Can I say for the 300 billionth time that I lived with your husband as a small child and that not only will you need the locks, but you'll have to constantly monitor that she isn't honing her lock-picking skills. It's a good thing, really. She's just a smarty. A smarty who can say my name. :)

I'm with you on baby boys. And while they have the general parts as adults, there are definite differences. And most men don't pee in your face as soon as their pants are taken off. And if they do, I don't want to hear about it.

Oh, and I no longer wear diapers and the only reason it took so long to train Tim was he fell into the toilet once. I think. Random, useless potty training story.