Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a special milestone

So Stella was wondering around and stuck her hand down the back of her pants as she sometimes does. Except this time she apparently had a poopy diaper and there was POO all over her hand. Ewww. So I have now had the rite du passage of washing poop off my daughter's hands. Yeah. What scares me most is that I was like, "see, that's what happens when you stick your hand in your diaper when you have a poopy diaper. Do you like having poop on your hands?" To which she responded, "YES!" Oh, crap indeed.

So today is the day in which we are "trapped" in the house, carless. Although I'm discovering that one of the benefits of this is lazily sipping coffee and sitting around in your pjs to an ungodly hour because there is nowhere to go. Although I'm sort of intrigued by figuring out the bus schedule so I can head over to Moxie and the Compound on Mary and check out their purses. Surely there has got to be a bus that goes over there, it's pretty close. Of course, the only downside is that pretty much the only thing over there is Moxie, and it might be smarter if I'm taking the bus to go to SoCo and shop all the shops. This is all hypothetical wherein my daughter is patient and loves shopping. Right. Or I just might sit on my butt for a bit longer! Especially since it's sort of cloudy and windy outside.

Oh, I neglected to spill my good news that the builder of our old house sold it and agreed to give us back our FULL DEPOSIT! Yes! So we went a bit crazy this weekend and now that money is pretty much all gone (of course a great deal of it went to pay back a loan and some other commitments). So yeah, we are in IKEA furniture assembling hell. Fun! Hopefully I'll be done by this weekend!

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Kate said...

I meant to say congrats on getting your deposit back! Hooray!

How is the adventuring on the bus going? I still want to smack those jack-a-ninnies at Tim's work, but I think it's cool that there are some neat places that you can go on the bus. I saw mamas and babies on the bus in Ann Arbor all the time and I always thought that would be cool to do. Of course, when it's me juggling all the baby gear, you can come laugh at me. =)