Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad Idea

So we're in the very beginning stages of operation paint the house. Unfortunately, there's no turning back at this point, as Tim pressure-washed the house this morning which revealed sections of bare wood in several places. It looks god-awful. So we began today and didn't get very far at all before the brand new paint sprayer went kaput. And we weren't able to get the TWELVE FOOT ladder that it turns out is going to be necessary today, so that's a project for tomorrow. And did I mention it's cold? Way too cold for Texas. So we're going to forge ahead, but please give us a break if you come to our New Year's Eve party and the house looks like crap, okay? Thanks.


yer mama said...

When I pressure washed the house in maple run I blew of a bit of paint down to the wood. I had too much pressure on and was using the "stream" setting. Of course the old siding was also in bad condition.

K in the Mirror said...

I think you get a pass just for being willing to host a party a few weeks after moving in. :)

Kate said...

I agree with K!

We went to get our French door today. The first store had 3, but they were all broken. The second store had one, but their rental truck was broken and they can't deliver it until Saturday. ARGH!