Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Babbling incessantly

Do you ever feel like you just don't shut up? I've been having that feeling a lot lately. My friend Miriam and her toddler Daniel came over this morning to play and socialize. We had a great time, but I kept catching myself talking about was my house and buying stuff for it. I HATE people who just talk about their purchases all the time, I mean how annoying and obnoxious. I am probably overreacting because Miriam said she had a really nice time and we made plans for lunch Monday, so obviously I'm not that horrible to be around, but I have really got to work on this. Sometimes it's hard when you are talking to the only adult you will see between 9am and 7pm while simultaneously trying to keep an eye on the kids.

We did get to discuss how hard it is to act and be a mom. That is not a subject that many people I know can commisserate with; it's pretty specialized. We talked about how you spend their nap every day working on your lines or preparing for your part in some other way. When I'm directing, I spend it working on blocking and preparing for rehearsals. It's a very important couple of hours. Of course, now we're done with blocking and don't rehearse again until Saturday, so today I'm kind of twiddling my thumbs. I shouldn't be, but-

woah, I think a large branch fell off one of the trees in the backyard. I must investigate-

Okay, so it wasn't that large of a branch, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't there when I was outside this morning. It looked like the Loch Ness Monster and I think I would have noticed it. In other sad news, it is turning cold again. I know that I will long for cold weather in August, but right now I am so sick of it. It has kept us cooped up like chickens and I am not looking forward to its return. Plus it currently feels like our house just might blow away it is so windy. I should really close the flue, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that in this house.

That up there is a picture of Stella and Daniel R. (not to be confused with her buddy Daniel L. or her Uncle Daniel P., Stella knows a lot of Daniels!) Unfortunately they would not cooperate by being still or looking at the camera, but still, aren't they cute?!

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