Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where I've Been

Eating, breathing and sleeping Patsy, that's where I've been! Patsy, if you do not know, is the character I am playing in "Little Murders" which opens two weeks from tomorrow at Arts on Real. The show is going to be awesome, but it is a lot of work, probably one of the most challenging characters I've played. I realized after Tuesday night's rehearsal how actors can get into drugs and alcohol as a means of bridging the world between fiction and reality. I was just really emotional after working so hard on a difficult scene where my character has to have a breakdown. It's a comedy, but you still have to make the moments believable, ya' know? (For the record, I did not turn to drugs and alcohol. I had dinner and went to bed. Because I am exciting like that. And I live with my in-laws and there was no alcohol in the house anyway!)

Last weekend we were in Houston and took Stella to a Pumpkin Patch along with Christine and Brian. The patch was an Exotic Animal farm and Stella petted llamas, a miniature horse, a rabbit, a goat and a baby kangaroo. Tim and I also petted a baby pig. We had a great time. We got to spend lots of time with Christine and Brian, going out to dinner and out for drinks at the Flying Saucer. We sat outside at the Flying Saucer downtown and got some fantastic people watching in. They just don't make 'em in Austin like they do in Houston. I really could not believe what people were wearing. One group of five girls were all wearing identical shoes. Seriously! Five pairs of black stiletto heels. I guess they'd gotten a group discount or something.
When Christine and I went to the bathroom, I was really disgusted by the number of men leering at us. Then I felt a little complimented that men still leer at me. It was a very odd feeling, being pissed, but also thinking, "they like me, they really like me!" Especially since I was very dressed down and not showing much skin. But I noticed that the quality of men is definitely lacking in H-town compared to Austin. Really, they were not attractive. Don't know if all the hotties are snatched up and at home with their women or what, but I didn't see a single good-looking guy other than the ones we came in with (my husband and my brother-in-law). Sorry Houston ladies, they're taken:)
We also got some great news from some friends and I really want to blog about how excited I am about it but this friend has not blogged about it yet! (Hint, hint, you know who you are!) As soon as they make their announcement in the blogosphere, I'll be back to share my excitement!

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