Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Must. Get. Out.

I cannot believe this. The bitch next door just came over and told me her baby couldn't nap because my dogs barked. She actually now expects me to keep my dogs inside "or in the other part of the yard" (no clue how I'd do that) from 9:30am-12:30pm while her precious little angel sleeps. I suggested a white noise machine but she kept saying nothing bothers him but the dogs. Well, I still think the solution would be the white noise machine, but apparently no, she considers the solution telling me what to do with my dogs. ARGH! I could barely disguise my contempt for her. There's no way I can keep the dogs in all morning, please! What's she going to do? File a noise complaint? At a time when there is no noise ordinance? I just cannot wait to get out of here, these people are crazy! I even told her that we'd be out in two months, so if that helped.


yer mama said...

do you have access to a lawnmower? :-)

Julie said...

Ha! Actually, funny enough, no. Sean is using ours because we don't have a lawn and Tim's parents pay to have theirs mowed. Although the ladies across the street run a lawn moving business, so perhaps I could borrow some heavy equipment!

Tara said...

Screw lawnmower, borrow a leaf blower. Prop it against something, turn it on, and then go for a walk or something. :)

You should have told her that her baby should nap in the other half of the house. You could also suggest that dishwashers are virtually sound proofed, so he could curl up in there for a change.