Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Freezing!

So I've learned a lot from this experience of living with my in-laws for the past two and a half months. For example, I have learned that it WILL eventually get cold. So you shouldn't put all your sweaters, sweatshirts, flannel pajamas, etc. in a box marked "cold weather clothes" and put it in the garage that is packed full of all your belongings and expect to be able to find it again when it is cold. I am FREEZING! I'm not sure what I was thinking, whether it was that I'd be in my new house before it got cold, or that I'd just wear tank tops and think warm thoughts, or what. I bought Stella a really cute denim jacket for $11 at the Osh Kosh outlet last Thursday, but I hesitated on getting her anything else because I'm so afraid she's going to outgrow all her clothes tomorrow. I know I need to get over it and just buy her a few things she can wear for now and if she outgrows them, so be it. Because that's life with a growing child (and really, life with a shrinking mama. My jeans that I bought 6 weeks ago that were soooo tight are already starting to get baggy!). But since I know that warm clothes are in my garage for me, somewhere, I really can't justify getting new clothes for myself. Not yet. Not until I lose 5.6 more pounds, anyway!

I've also learned that when you live with parental types, you regress. I react (or barely restrain myself) from acting like a moody teenager to my in-laws. Tim does the same thing. I've been praying for patience lately because it's really unfair to my mother-in-law when I am all bitter and sarcastic and all she's said is, "good morning." It doesn't really happen with Tim's Dad because he has a job right now so I don't see much of him. But it's Sue, Stella and I for a great deal of the day. But I'm working on it, and I think I'm getting better. I'm really not a bitchy grouch and I'll go back to my sunshiny self as soon as we're out of here, I promise!

Our sales guy didn't give us our weekly update Friday because there was no update. Yesterday Tim pestered him and he said that we finally passed all our inspections (we failed electrical and plumbing initially), and that they would be putting in our insulation today and "start rocking" Wednesday. I wondered, rocking on what?, but Tim said that was just Jamie's cheesy salesman speak for sheetrocking. So we obviously didn't get our close date Monday (notice how he conveniently didn't mention that), no clue when we'll get it. Before we got two weeks behind, Jamie was saying mid-November, so by that reasoning we'd be looking at the end of November. So we're back to praying for a close by Christmas. If you can send any good vibes our way, we'd appreciate it. I have beat myself up for being depressed about all this since so many people have so much bigger problems, (e.g. "natural disasters on the evening news" to quote Cold War Kids), but I can't help it. This is still the situation I'm stuck in, and while it's really not that bad, I'd still like to be in my house ASAP. We looked at the houses for sale online just for fun and found only a couple we thought were cute, but Tim didn't think they were cute enough. There's one in the Allendale area that I'm going to drive by today, even though I can't IMAGINE living up north, I love South Austin so much, but it would be a lot closer to where Tim's work is moving, for sure. But I'm sure it's probably actually already got a contract on it, it's just not in the MLS. I'm just going to be up north anyway buying Stella some new shoes (finally), so I figure I'll swing by. If only we had $300k or $350k, then we could REALLY get a house we love;)

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Marsha said...

Hang in there. It is really hard to live in someone else's house, even if you are family. And anyone would be frustrated by the delays. I am sending good 'house closing' thoughts your way!