Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No Close Date Yet... Sigh

So we went to our pre-drywall walk-through yesterday expecting to come away with a close date because that's what ditzy salesgirl Rhonda had led us to believe. But alas, no, we will get our close date in two weeks when they have their next sales/builder meeting. But we did find out that they should be finishing up inspections and putting in drywall this week, the kitchen cabinets should be delivered next Tuesday, and then they will put those in, put down the tile and do the painting next week. Allegedly. I don't really have a reason to doubt them, though, because August 30th they had a slab and now there's an actual house. Our sales guy, Jamie, is still saying we'll close mid-November. Of course, there's still no water. So I'm really keeping my fingers crossed. Especially since I kind of feel like we're outstaying our welcome here.

Tim's Mom I think wanted us to get a close date yesterday even more than we did. She's trying to find out when we're moving out so her Mother can come stay with them with an eye towards her moving here. Apparently Austin is a magnet for all of Tim's family. Yesterday when I got back from the walk-through, Tim's Mom grilled me about when we'd close and I had to tell her I just didn't know, that her Mom should probably wait until we get our actual close date in two weeks to buy her plane ticket. I know that frustrated her, but there's nothing I can do about it. We're coming up on having lived here two months Thursday. And we'll be here at least another month, probably 6 weeks. That's a long time. Things are breaking down here a bit; they all seemed to turn sour after Tim's Mom returned from Michigan. Perhaps it was frustrating for her to come back and realize there are still people here who leave their crap everywhere and have a toddler who is constantly on the move. Although we really try not to leave our crap everywhere and to keep our toddler out of the way. Whatever the reason, I'm just going to try and stay gone as much as I possibly can. Thursday my parents are picking me up and taking Stella and I to Houston with them, then Tim will join us Friday night and we'll come back Sunday. Since I have rehearsal most Saturdays, we can't go out of town as much as we'd like, but my parents may be going back to Evant again next weekend, and we'll probably go out there if we can. We're just trying to stay out of the way here as much as possible!

I got a chance to ask our sales guy what they were doing if people came in and wanted to buy a house. He said that they have 3 Hartfords (the largest floor plan) available in our section, but they aren't selling the back section yet. They're telling people to come back in November, they should have opened up the back section for pre-sales. They are (wisely) waiting this time until the roads are a little closer to being poured to start selling houses. Apparently they'll be there for 2 more years building, although once our section is done, the Westgate entrance will become the construction entrance.

That's enough rambling about our house for now. Stella demands attention. Attention must be paid!

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