Friday, March 23, 2007

Why I deserve the Worst Mom Award

So I realized on the way home from the grocery store today that I haven't bought Stella a single birthday present. Not a thing. How horrible am I? I've been so busy getting the stuff for her party and cleaning that I totally forgot. Actually, I haven't even been doing the cleaning part so well, I have to do most of it this afternoon when she naps and tomorrow morning. The weather's also been crappy and we thought Stella might be sick, and I can come up with a thousand other excuses, but the jist is I have no presents for my firstborn's first birthday. I think we'll be taking a trip to Target later this afternoon, hopefully they will have the one thing I know I really want to get for her. But I've got beer, lots of it! I miscalculated a bit at the grocery store and I think I wound up with enough beer for every man, woman and baby to have at least two beers while at our only two hour long party. So I hope everyone who is coming is ready to get TRASHED, whoo!

Stella got two packages today. Perhaps I could just wrap up a couple of those presents and pass them off as from us..... Just kidding!


yer mama said...

It's not a 1st birthday party unless there is too much beer!

jooley_ann said...

Hey, it just occurred to me in the middle of the night last night as I was nursing Johanna...does this mean you're weaning Stella?? Do blog about that, if you're willing! :)

Kate said...

a) You are an amazing mom
b) Stella will not even notice. You know she'll want the bows and paper more than anything else
c) BEER! ;) I can't because I'm driving, but it should be a good time watching everyone else.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Trust me, she will get SO MUCH STUFF from everyone else that you won't be able to think of anything.

We waited until after the party to fill in the gaps and get stuff to match what Gillian got from everybody else.

Tara said...

Well it's post party time, and everything worked out great. Stella got tons of presents, and honestly even if you guys hadn't gotten her a thing you would have been fine. Her little mind probably assumes that it all came from Tim anyway. :) He was the one actually handing them to her.

Thanks for having us over, it was a lot of fun.