Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Goodbye 2006!

So it's 2007. Last year, my life changed forever because we had Stella. Sometimes I miss our old life, but then I hang out with Stella and I think how much better I have it now. New Year's Eve ROCKED! Bill picked up the gauntlet and hosted at his house, and my Mom came and stayed with Stella, so we rocked it pre-baby style (well except for drinking oodles and oodles of alcohol, I still have to feed the baby when I return from my partying!) There was tons of yummy food, great alcohol and just a few fantastic friends. Perfect! Although it would have been more perfect if Ashley and Travis and Jeff and Tara had been there. Jeff and Tara were sick, though, and we realized it was the first time we'd not spent New Year's Eve with them in 7 years! Our first New Year's Eve was 1999 when it was just Tim and I, Jeff and Tara and Anna and Sean. All our other friends had gone out to the country to celebrate New Year's at a friends' parents house. So the 6 of us had more than one bottle of champagne per person and had a great time drinking ourselves into oblivion to celebrate the new millenium.
This New Year's Eve we did not get our obligatory midnight shot, unfortunately, because my new camera was not cooperating. But I got all kinds of other great shots, I'll have to promise a few choice pics. Ian and Erin helped me make the most of all the "scene settings" on my new camera. The theme this year seemed to be "acting stupid and making crude jokes." Unfortunately, my mother and other people's mothers read my blog, so I cannot tell you the new, incredibly nasty word for female gentalia that I learned from Aaron (or was it Bill?), which we proceeded to make even nastier. If you want to email me, I'll send it to you. It's totally gross. We also learned way too much about Bill's personal life, Aaron's uncle's hunting habits, and some other friends' make-out habits. And we saw Bill's "love den". He's got beads hanging on his bedroom door! Ladies, this man will not be single for long with a pad like this! (Seriously, he's a catch and I love him to death, I hope he knows I'm just teasing him!)
Yesterday we got to sleep in a little because my mom was here, then we went to lunch at Galaxy. Then Stella took a nap and so did I, while Tim played video games. I am trying not to be a bitch about video games, but I remember how much I hate them! Whenever something needs to be done or we're trying to leave, it always seems like we have to wait for Tim to find a save point. I felt much better after the nap (as did Stella), so we assembled the new furniture from Ikea we got Sunday. Oh, yeah, we checked out the new Ikea Sunday! It was fun, but they let you take your cart through the whole store, even though you don't need it at the beginning, so people were always in the way. And they were out of stock on some of the things we wanted. But I got a bookshelf with doors and lights to function as a curio cabinet, and a little larger than we realized bookshelf to store all Stella's toys in the breakfast room. That bookshelf may not live here permanently, we're kind of still living with it and seeing how we feel about it. But it was fun to go to Ikea knowing that if we forgot something, we could always just come back and get it later!
Okay, I still need to transition some stuff into the new china cabinet, so I'd better go. Happy 2007!

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Tim said...

Whatever. You could have ended up with a guy who wanted to watch football all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings.