Monday, January 22, 2007

The Brave New World of Mobility

So yesterday, Stella decided she was going to crawl. She'd been getting more mobile lately, but still her little stretch and creep a little, then sit up maneuver. But yesterday she just said, "hmm, I think I'll go ahead and do this crawling thing. I want that over there, so I'll just crawl over to it." Tim said she was into EVERYTHING this morning, even though he only watched her for about half an hour. She's not being quite so active with me because she is, of course, at heart still a lazy baby. But I think things are going to get more challenging from now on. First on the list is finishing baby-proofing everything. I baby-proofed her room even more, but it's still not completely safe for a baby that can get into everything. It was safe for a baby that just had a small radius, but now that she can crawl, well, I have a little more work to do. My guess is that we'll figure out a lot of what needs to be done just by watching what she goes for and then fixing that. I was so excited, but now I'm thinking, "Oh my gosh, my job just got a lot harder!"

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