Saturday, January 06, 2007

Babies and cheese

I am sitting here watching Stella eat cheese and it is quite entertaining. She's so determined. She kind of examines each piece of cheese as she brings it up to her mouth like, "hmm, is this the same thing I just ate? How am I going to get this strange substance into my mouth?" Then she puts it and her finger into her mouth and starts mashing it with her jaws and then swallows it. And when there is no more cheese she stares at her hand, hoping for extra bits of cheese that got stuck to it. Then she eats those too. This is what passes for amusement these days. That and Guitar Hero 2. Guitar Hero 2 is most excellent fun after Stella goes to sleep.


ChristineA said...

What a fun mini-mind movie! :) What is guitar hero 2? Is that like American Idol video game??

Tara said...

Guitar Hero is super fun. Your controller is a "life size" plastic (but not cheepy) guitar that has 5 buttons on the neck, a strum bar, whammy bar, and adjustable strap. It's basically a rhythm game. You play along with all sorts of rock songs by watching as color coded “notes” slide down the screen and when they reach the bottom you hold down the appropriate fret button and strum the bar. I prefer the songs in Guitar Hero 1 but the cooperative modes in Guitar Hero 2 are big fun. You can have one person play lead while the other plays bass, for example. It is made by Red Octane and is available only on PS2, although they are planning on releasing for XBOX in the future.