Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fashion sucks

Okay, fashion sucks right now. Or at least, I find the styles sucky. I got money for Christmas and I have been trying to find some shoes and a purse and possibly a new diaper bag (well a bag I can use as a diaper bag). I have not found ONE PAIR of shoes that I liked! I can't believe it, I've been to like 10 stores and not a single pair! Usually I have to really struggle to not buy 5 pairs of shoes at a time. I really love shoes, but there is nothing but fugly really high heels and fuglier extreme flats. I don't get that, either heels are about 5 inches or they are non-existent right now. What is going on? And purses? Yuck! Everything looks like it was made for my Grandmother to carry. Back in the 80's! Perhaps that's what it boils down to: 80's fashion is in right now and it is U-G-L-Y. I just hope that it's over fast. At first I thought the problem was that I hadn't gone shopping in so long because I'd been pregnant, but now I realize we are just going through a really ugly faze in clothes right now. I hate it when I have money to burn and I can't burn it!
I did find that I have expensive taste, though. I got Nordstrom's gift cards from two of my sister-in-laws for Christmas and I went shopping there Saturday. Wow, it was so nice! And they actually have sale racks, although it's unclear exactly how much things are going to be until you get to the register. I thought I'd gone way over my gift cards, but stuff was about half what it was already marked down to. So I could have gone even crazier! But they are so nice there, and the lighting in the dressing room is actually flattering. Now if I could just afford (or let myself afford) $70 blouses and $200 pairs of shoes on a regular basis!

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ChristineA said...

CUTIE!! I second the cabin fever. I am trying to dream up any excuse to go out, but I really don't have any.