Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stella Has her First Solid Meal!

So we gave Stella her first solid meal last night. I was a bit skeptical, since she'd also had her shots yesterday, and I was afraid she'd just scream like a banshee. Luckily, she had a much better reaction to her shots this time than last, they seemed to just make her sleepy and maybe a little irritable. Although it's hard to tell now when she's irritable if it's teething or something else. Anyway, we got all set up and I was ready for her to completely reject the cereal, but she loved it! It was so cool to watch her figuring out what to do. At first she kind of lapped it up like a cat, then she got that she was supposed to put the spoon in her mouth and so she then wanted to hold on to the spoon and feed herself. She even wiped her mouth with her bib at one point, it was adorable! So I guess the girl is ready for solids. I do not mourn the passing of the all-breastmilk diet, but celebrate the excitement of Stella discovering how to eat! And I certainly shouldn't feel intimidated by her current meal, which is once a day and 3/4ths breastmilk anyway:)
Notice the nifty modern high chair? A gift from her Aunt Kate from Ikea so that Stella can eat in style. All those regular high chairs were too boring for our little trendsetter. Okay, they were really too ugly and too bulky to match our kitchen!

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Your girl just gets cuter and cuter every day!