Friday, August 25, 2006

Season of Change

For whatever reason, I decided I was tired of the way my living room and dining room looked today and that I was going to move stuff around. Of course, it didn't make much of a change because it's just small stuff, like moving a candlestick here or there, changing what's on the coffee table, etc. I would like to move furniture, but unfortunately, my couch is the size of a small country and will only fit into my living room one way: the way it is. I remember when the couch was delivered. I came home and thought instantly: "my God, what have we done, this thing is huge!" And so it is. But it's also pretty darn comfy and fits tons of people, which is convenient for movie night, LGT meetings, and having peole over. But it does mean that we are stuck with a certain configuration in there. I also came dowstairs this morning and suddenly hated my dining room curtains. I've always loved them in the past. But now, they are ugly and kitschy and overwhelming. I should sew some new ones, although what fabric I'll use I have no clue. They have been up there for nearly 5 years, I was bound to get tired of them eventually. Of course, all decorating decisions have to be run by Tim. He's one of those guys that actually cares about how their house is decorated, which is good and bad. Good because it's nice that he cares and bad because I can't just do everything the way I want it:) I'm also trying to further pare down knick knacks and clutter, as it does not go with the modern aesthetic I now love. Even though my house is anything but modern. I suppose it's contemporary, with some fifties nostalgia thrown in.
We have a bunch of stuff on display above our kitchen cabinets, and I can't decide whether to keep it or lose it. Probably I'll most likely just take some of it down. It's amazing how much you can think about these things when you're home all day!
Left: Dining room (okay, it's really a breakfast room), complete with curtains I now hate; Right: Living Room, complete with MONSTER COUCH!

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OH oh oh if you sew new curtains you must, must see this website. I get some of the fabric for my pouches here: