Monday, August 28, 2006

Punky eases Stella's pain

So our cat Punky who, as those of you who know her know, hates everyone and everything, apparently adores Stella. I got Punky when I was a sophomore in college so Punky's over 10 years old now, and she just gets more ornery and fatter with each passing year. But she lets Stella pet her. And today, she just did the most amazing thing. Stella was crying while I was trying to feed her because she's teething so bad, and she was hungry, but it hurt too bad to eat. It was awful. Well, Punky came right up and sat on my lap, which made Stella stop crying, of course, because she is fascinated by all our animals, and then Punky let Stella pet her. And I mean 5-month old "petting". Pulling of fur, pulling of ears, nearly poking her in the eye. I was supervising of course, but Punky didn't seem to mind a bit. And Punky would "kiss" Stella and lick her. Stella was in heaven. Of course, she'll also probably be coughing up furballs now. She had fistfuls of Punky fur in her hands, and then she'd stick her fingers in her mouth. Eww. But until I finally decided that I needed to try and get Stella to eat some more, at least 5 minutes, maybe ten, Punky sat there patiently and let Stella pet her and pull her and poke her. It was adorable! I think Punky has a new friend.

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jooley_ann said...

That is *so* sweet!! I've been wondering how my cats will react. I've got a young one and an old one (about 2 and about 11). They're both friendly, sweet cats who love to be petted. It'll be interesting to see whether they'll be annoyed about having some serious competition. :)