Thursday, December 20, 2007


So I only have like 2 more shopping days left for Christmas and I still have so much to get. AND I have a hair appointment this afternoon so that's like 2 hours of wasted time. Plus I wasted 1 hour and 15 minutes waiting in line for Santa this morning only to have Stella melt down when she saw him. When that happens and you have spent your entire morning waiting to get a picture of your child on the lap of the man in the big red suit, you wind up spending $24.99 on a cd with this on it:

I think I'm a bit old for Santa, but I should have told I wanted him to bring me more time before Christmas. I wasted more valuable shopping time yesterday morning because my car was in the shop. Then we took Tim's mom out for lunch for her birthday and then I got my car back and had to go to IKEA because we can't count and got the wrong number of chair bottoms for our new dining chairs. I can only recommend that if at all possible, you not move into a new house two weeks before Christmas. Although the house is the best Christmas present I could possibly have, we're so happy here!
Well Tim's back from jogging, so it's off to hit a few stores and then onto the haircut. At least I got Tim a kick-ass present. I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning!


Jooley Ann said...

Aw! I think that photo is adorable! :) Glad to know they have a way to "punt" if a kid melts down. I didn't even *try* w/ Johanna b/c she's in serious "stranger anxiety" mode these days.

You'll get it all done! And even if you don't, geez, you MOVED last month! You should take it easy this Christmas. :)

Fire Berry said...

HEY! Where is this awesome Santa...??? I've seen him in another photo lately! Like I'll have time... between now and then to even visit him... because I'm sitting around waiting for UPS to deliver all my stuff. Yeah... EVERYthing, almost, is due on MONDAY. I understand, Julie, I understand.