Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weight loss and acting

So I lost another 1.6 pounds this week, so I'm now only 1.2 pounds away from goal! Yay! I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to try and lose more (my goal is 5 pounds over my lowest allowable healthy BMI, so I could try and get down to that mythical weight). It is feeling really good, I have to say. I just feel so much more confident, my clothes fit so much better, it's wonderful! i'm actually in a size 10 for the first time since freshman year of college! I can't recommend Weight Watchers enough if you are looking to get in better shape and better health and drop a few pounds. (I know it sounds like I'm some sort of paid spokesmodel, but I can only wish!)

Last night the play went fantastically. My big scene just had a lot of life, Ian and I were both really cooking, and I just had one of those transcendent moments that remind me why I heart theatre so much. Afterwards, I was still shaking and the audience laughed at all the moments of my monologue they're supposed to laugh at. A lot. Uproariously. Awesome! Hopefully I've turned a corner and it'll be that good every night. But even when I have an off-night, like Thursday, when I wasn't doing so hot and then a MOTH decided it wanted to get in on the action, Tim said that it was really good (even with the moth). That little pisser. He flew onto stage and landed on my sleeve right at the part where I'm laying into Ian, and I shook my arm, which made Ian smile and then I was just totally thrown off. THEN he landed on Ian's stomach and just sat there while I was delivering my big heartfelt moment during my speech. Ian said we should make ourselves feel better with the fact that the Moth only has a 3-day lifespan and this was probably the highlight of its life. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say!

I'm trying not to just think about househousehousehouse, but it's hard. We're going to go to IKEA today to scope out all the stuff we want for the house. Of course, we'll be house poor when we first move in, so most of those purchases will have to wait a bit, but it's still fun to look! I've got a big master plan for the front of the house that I'm really excited about. We're totally going to "borrow" ideas from Vintage Modern to really bring out the modern details on the front of the house with paint, and then we want to re-plant our beloved cactus in the front flowerbeds. The inside is pretty much ready to go (other than a couple of hallway light fixtures I'd like to replace), so we can concentrate our efforts on the outside. I'm not much of a landscaper, but I'm really excited about what we can do! (Vintage Modern uses frames so I can't directly link to it, but check out the house that's 1537 sq ft under "homes already sold" for a sneak peek of what we're thinking of. It has a lot in common with our new house, including the roofline, beams and an intricate front door and I think what they've done with it looks fantastic. Oh, and look at that yummy window. Maybe one day we could replace the front windows with that type. Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

My big question is how to cover up those rounded front windows. Those just are not modern at all. I mean, what was the architect thinking. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


Kate said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

I'm stupid--what's the address of the house you're talking about?

Mindy said...

I'm so proud of you!! Ive switched to Core and found I do much better with it!

RE: window ideas: I havent seen too many pics of the front, but I share your pain, I hate those half round windows too. you could try covering them up with a cultured stone product. Rather than covering the whole front of the house, you could do two strips just above and below the windows the square them off and keep your vertical lines flowing. Just an idea. Im an anthropologist, not an architect.

I'm also delighted that you get to move sooner than later!

Mindy said...

wait, youve got 3 windows in stead of two so my idea would suck. nevermind, Im a dork. You could still use the cultured stone on the front.

Check out this site:

I know it shows a bunch of house-opotomuses on their site, but you have to use your imagination.

Jooley Ann said...

Jiminy, I go away to have a terrible week w/ Johanna and all hell breaks loose! You bought a house and sister, you are SKINNY! You look terrific!! I'm mucho impressed.

And that house? GORGEOUS. I am green with envy! And thrilled for y'all. So exciting!!

yer mama said...

ooo I love what vintage modern does with their houses! I want the one on forestglade!