Monday, November 05, 2007


Thar be pirates, argh!

And tigers, roar:
I wasn't there to witness the madness because of tech week, but here are some cute shots of the kids trick or treating. Lions and pirates and pirates, oh my!

Also a bonus of Tim and I as a classic Hollywood movie cowgirl and cowboy.

In other news, please come see Little Murders! We had a very slow opening weekend, although we did well Saturday night with 31 people. Sunday we had to cancel because only 2 people showed up. It's an awesome show and you don't want LGT to go bankrupt, do you?
(And for those of you who can't come, we always accept cash deductible donations, just email me!)


K in the Mirror said...

Oh, that picture of you and Tim is GREAT. Love the costumes!

Kate said...

I agree! I love that pic of you guys!

I love the pie rats and lion. :)