Wednesday, November 14, 2007


At least according to this research. Fascinating stuff. Apparently women who have lower waist to hip ratios tend to have children that score higher on tests and tend to be "cleverer".

Yes, I've always thought that when I let my thighs do the thinking I do much better.


yer mama said...

Well I can use this as ammo against my bird-legged sisters when they comment on my generous thighs and hips (which they do). Seriously, I am related to women shaped like men - fake boobs aside of course.

Maybe that is why I am the only one who went to college.

Kate said...

For some reason I was actually watching the local news last night and saw that. My favorite part was when they interviewed a lady on the street and she said, "Was that a REAL study?" LMAO.

Personally, I think it's a great study and I knew that I was superior because of my hips. Who's calling that junk in my trunk? Apparently, it makes me smart.

Tara said...

One of the Korean women that I work with told me about this in the morning. I exclaimed that I must be a freaking genius, and she said that she knew I was going to react that way. :)

It makes sense that bigger hips = smarter babies thought, since you aren't putting their brains through a quite as narrow a ringer as with a teensy meensy.