Friday, January 30, 2009

Rockin' FronteraFest

Last night, 5 'Til, the FronteraFest piece I directed, went up and rocked the casbah. I am so proud of the actors and Anna, my one-woman techie/designer band, as well as Aimee, the writer of course. The audience laughed their asses off and were left wanting more. But don't take my word for it, check out Julie's review over at the Austinist. She said: "A few short plays were winners. Aimee Gonzalez's hilarious Five 'Til, produced by Loaded Gun Theory, was clever, extremely well-acted and directed, and too much fun to watch. With a clever premise and some unexpected twists, this piece made us wish Gonzalez had a Long Fringe version for us to see."

Indeed. But I am sure we'll be producing more of Aimee's work in the future, she is a natural fit with LGT and it's pretty much impossible for us to go on with just one (very busy) resident playwright.


Kate said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations on such a successful show and the great review!

Anna said...

Hell yeah, we rock!

Jooley Ann said...

The show was *hilarious*. And it's not a biased opinion (I mean b/c I'm your friend) when I say it *totally* should have gone on to Best of Week. *sigh*

I will definitely keep a keener eye on Aimee's work & LGT! Now that I have an official babysitter (my stepdaughter has had smashing success in putting Jo to bed this week), I'm chomping at the bit to see and review some more plays!