Friday, January 23, 2009

My haircut

So this is not the best picture I've ever taken of myself, but it shows the haircut, sort of. Wow, I look like a crazy person with two different sized eyes. Really, it looks better in person, I promise.

I decided chopping my hair as short as possible while still giving me hair around my face in case of pregnancy face bloat was the best option. My hair has been funKY this pregnancy. It's normally so thick that when you combine that with the fact that during pregnancy none of your hair falls out, I have felt like mushroom head. And I've been totally paranoid about cutting my hair short because I had it short when I was pregnant with Stella and so there was nothing to hide behind when I got "pregnancy fat face". Of course, I also got "everywhere else pregnancy fat" last time, so perhaps fat face will not attack me this pregnancy. But I've been living with that fear of going too short this pregnancy until I realized that when I was pregnant with Stella I had a hairstylist who would cut my hair way too short, even if that wasn't what I asked for. My hairstylist now, Tamara, doesn't do that. She does this amazing thing where she cuts my hair like I want it. What a concept, huh? So I'm happy this time! It was quite astounding how she just kept thinning and thinning my hair to make it seem more in line with the amount of hair a normal person sports. Tim thinks it actually makes me look thinner, so hopefully it will be my secret weapon against pregnancy fat face, should it attack!


kelli said...

This is a really great haircut. And you have no sign of pregnancy face anywhere. :)

Caroline said...

You look amazing as always, Julie! And you don't have eye size problems. :)

Kate said...

I love it! You really rock the short haircuts!