Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knocking off stuff on the to-do list

Thursday the nesting instinct kicked in. Hard. So I spent all of Stella's nap getting stuff cleaned out of the nursery closet. I finished Friday and yesterday when Tim was able to move the really heavy stuff. This is the result, I just wish I'd taken a before picture. You'll have to trust me when I say that it was stuffed to the gills. Yes, unfortunately the previous owners painted the closed blue too. And it's just going to stay that way.
Today we got a ceiling fan. It's sort of funky, but it looks really cool in person. Tim is putting it up right now.

We also got curtains for our bedroom at Penney's. They were having a huge sale, and although I never expected to spend as much as we did for curtains in my life, they are very nice, very high quality blackout type and we got them for 50% off. We have huuuuuge windows in our room, so it took a lot to cover them! We ordered tracks from Walmart, so when those get in in a couple of weeks, my father will no longer be able to call us exhibitionists for not having our bedroom windows covered. And the baby should be able to sleep in there for the first few months of her life.

Stella has decided to work on her defiance skills this weekend, so it's been a pretty difficult one. No naps, lots of time-outs, lots of "no" and lots of guilt for letting a 2-year-old get us so worked up. But I will include a picture of her in happier times:

She's playing with her tools that we bought her with some of her Christmas money on the tool bench that some friends gave us because their kiddo was done with it. She LOVES it! I just don't understand why you would want to gender-stereotype your kid. That day we started out in the morning playing with her dollhouse, then switched to the toolbench, then she had me help her diaper and dress her Cabbage Patch kid, Carolyn. So much fun!

I leave you with one more picture. Ladies who are pregnant for the first time, this is what that nasty glucose solution they make you drink to test for gestational diabetes tastes like:

So foul. Tim thought it would be funny to record the moment for posterity. That stuff was so awful, it burned my throat and even my stomach. Then I was totally wired afterwards before the sugar crash. My doctor's office was running late (as usual) and I came extremely close to missing the hour window between finishing the drink and having your blood drawn. I sprinted upstairs and they whisked me back immediately in front of a waiting room full of people. There was NO way I was drinking that crap again!


Anna said...

Glucose test.... YUCK! And if you think the 1 hr drink is bad, the 3 hr drink is even nastier!!

Tara said...

The closet looks great! Ick on the glucose test, at least you made it to get blood drawn before your time ran out.

Johanna said...

So I just found your blog and when I saw this entry, I gagged. That beverage is one of the few things that I find truly disgusting, particularly the 3 hour version.

Congratulations, btw. I can't wait to have another.