Friday, December 15, 2006

Dumb-Ass Moves

I backed into the garage door today. Not one of my proudest moments. I used to open the garage door and then put Stella in her car seat and then get into the car and go. But I had started worrying recently that someone could sneak up behind me while I was putting Stella in her carseat. Paranoid, I know. So the last couple of days, I'd been putting Stella in her carseat, and then opening the garage door from the car and backing out. Well this morning, I was super-excited about taking Stella to the mall to see Santa, and I was running late to meet Anna, and I gunned it to back out, not realizing that the garage door was not quite finished opening. So I hit it. Ouch. I was able to get it open all the way so I could finish backing out, but I wasn't able to get it closed again, but I was late and Anna and I both live in the non-cellphone world, so I had to go. My car didn't do too badly, some scrapes on the top above the window and the little knob piece that sticks out where a spoiler would go if I had a spoiler fell off, but otherwise not too bad. I inspected the door when I got home and it just has some minor dents, but when I forced it open with the garage door opener, I bent the bottom wheel that wheels it up. So to get it closed, I had to hammer that pin out on both sides. While Stella sat in her stroller with her earmuffs on (it was loud). So the garage door is closed, which is the important thing, but now we have to add "fix the garage door" to our already incredibly long to-do list!
What's weirder is that in the span of a few hours I felt like a) the biggest idiot on earth for backing into the garage door and then b) a total badass for figuring out why the door wasn't closing and then using my muscles to close it. Go figure.
And on a side note, Stella did beautifully for Santa. We got an adorable picture and Anna and I had fun at the mall. Daniel did not sit for Santa, but kept Stella's spirits up while we waited:) Also, I had to nurse Stella while we were in line and one of the "elves" was talking about how cool it was that I was breastfeeding her, how'd she'd done that with her children and we talked about how wonderful it was. Very cool!


Marsha said...

Wow. There must be something in the air today. I backed into a parked car in a parking garage. Just a total not paying attention moment and my car that I thought was in park rolled back into the parked cars behind me. Turns out it was in Reverse. Can totally relate to the dumb-ass feeling. Yup.

KatieKatWorld said...

Hey, I've run into (and dented) MY HOUSE. So, I feel your pain.

You rock for beating the door into submission. You're my hero. :)