Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stella at 7 months

Stella turned 7 months old yesterday. It's hard to believe it's been 7 months since that little firecracker entered our world. She continues to astound and confound me every day. Yesterday she started saying "Da" over and over again, in effect saying "DaDa", although she says it indiscriminately. But it's so cute. Tim was so funny, he was like, "I know rationally that she has no clue what she's saying, but awww." His heart was melted. I'm only slightly jealous;)

Stella was fussy most of the day yesterday and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Sure she was teething, but that didn't seem to be all that was wrong with her. I couldn't get her to sit down, for one thing. I thought perhaps it was the nasty diaper rash she developed Monday that is slowly but surely healing. Then I thought "perhaps her denim overalls are too short in the stride". So I unbuttoned a couple of the crotch snaps and suddenly my baby was happy! I felt so bad that I'd tortured her for most of the day. But the overalls were just so dang cute and it was too cold in the house to go faluting around in just a onesie. I now think that tight pants were the same reason why she was fussy Monday. Although today her pants are definitely not too tight and she's still often keeping her legs rigid when I try to put her down. Perhaps she's practicing standing. Oh, dear!

Monday I made homemade baby food for Stella. I felt so freakin' domestic! It was surprisingly simple, except for the fact that Stella kept wanting me to hold her and cooking and holding a baby don't mix. We served her the potatoes Monday night, but she was not going to digest any of it. I was feeling inferior. But we served her the sweet potatoes yesterday and she dug them. Rock! The homemade stuff is such a better consistency. We were finding with a lot of the jarred stuff that it was just too liquidy and took forever to feed her. Stella would lose interest too soon and it also made a mess. I'm planning to make more homemade baby food tonight. I should have done it this afternoon, but I had no clue she'd take a two hour nap, those are very rare these days!

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jooley_ann said...

With your homemade babyfood adventures, are you just punting & cooking things that will end up soft, or do you use some kind of recipes or cookbooks?

This is something I really want to try (in...eight months or so, yikes!), so I'd love any resources/pointers you might have!