Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another meme!

So Tim tells me I am still pronouncing it wrong. I think it's meem not mim. Whatever. Anyway, the newest meme is typing "Julie wants" into Google and then typing up the first ten responses. Fun! Some of them didn't make any sense, so I skipped them in favor of ones that did.
Julie wants ..... to know if she'll ever get Straight A's (not again until Grad School, but this happened a few times in my younger days. Unfortunately it has no bearing on your future life. they don't tell you that.)
Julie wants.... to meet 1 person
badass Julie wants go clubbing (this is my favorite. God how I would love to go clubbing, I haven't done that in years! Dude, once we're all done with breastfeeding, I should totally drag Anna and Ashley to do that. We already have something else we are going to do that we all agree on. hee hee. only 8 months to go!)
Julie wants ..... Jean killed like an animal. (oh wait, maybe this is my favorite, although I've only ever met a couple of Jeans/Genes, but they were both incredibly sweet)
Julie wants .... to do 8 things.
Julie wants.... to return to her roots.
Julie wants.... to be a mathematics teacher after finishing college. (no freaking way!)
Juli(a) wants .... me to flip the bird this way (not really, I'm not picky, flip the bird anyway you'd like, just don't flip it at other drivers, they will often get out of their car and try to kick your ass. I learned this the hard way in high school. trust me, don't do it)
Julie wants.... to fall in love and exactly who she is looking to fall in love with. (too late, already fell in love with Mr. Tim nearly 10 years ago and Miss. Stella 4 months ago)
Julie wants.... out

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

I pronounce it meem too. Some people say mem, and some say meemee, from what I hear. I don't guess it matters much, unless you can enjoy annoying Tim with the way you say it. :)

badass julie, clubbing and killing people. good stuff.