Monday, May 29, 2006

Internet Withdrawal!

I have not had the internet all weekend and did not realize how much I relied on it now! My parents' internet is not working and they have decided that they shouldn't bother calling to get it fixed because Time Warner wouldn't come out except on a weekday anyway and they wouldn't be there. Even though they might be able to fix it over the phone. I know, they're weird. This weekend we wanted to do things like look up a restaurant to have lunch at, show my Dad the car we're thinking of getting when we pay off Tim's, little stuff like that and we couldn't because they had no internet. We are way too spoiled!
So I'm really enjoying pulling out my laptop today and checking my email, reading friends' blogs and, the motherload, discovering that Brangelina had their baby and named her Shiloh. Shiloh?! And people thought Suri was bad. I'd take Suri over Shiloh anyday. I had no clue that they were such Civil War buffs. And as Tim just pointed out, it was a massacre.
We had a great weekend in Houston, but we were busy, trying to make sure everyone got a piece of the action with Stella. I know everyone loves her so much, so I want to make sure everyone gets to see her and spend lots of time with her, which is really impossible. But I feel guilty anyway, which I know is completely irrational. I think having people visit us is the best solution because they can get to see her lots and we don't have to drag tons of stuff. Babies need so much crap! We also got to go see a movie in a real movie theatre, which was super-exciting. It was X-Men 3 and we both enjoyed it immensely. I wish they would stop making X-Men movies because they just keep being really good and I know they are going to screw it up soon.
Stella behaved beautifully in Houston even though we have resigned herself to the fact that she is early teething and we think also going through a growth spurt. She scared us to death last night when she vomited up the entire bottle of breast milk Tim had given her. She was covered! I think she just chose to eat it really quickly, and wasn't even in the mood for food, although she was wailing like she was. (I couldn't feed her the old-fashioned way because we'd just gotten back from our trip and I'd just pumped). Tim thinks she's reaching the point where she really gets a personality.
(left: Stella with her Aunt Katie and Uncle Ryan. Right: Stella w/ Aunt Caroline, Uncle Brian is in the foreground)

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

She is around 8 weeks, yes? Somewhere near there? I do seem to remember a big growth spurt then.

So cute how completely besotted the aunts and uncles look. :)